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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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One Vendue Range Erection

One Vendue Range
Charleston, SC
Trident Construction Company

Trident Construction Company was the chosen as the general contractor on the for the One Vendue Range project. The project consisted of the construction of four new buildings on Vendue and Prioleau Streets in old downtown Charleston. Three of the buildings were to be condominiums and the fourth was an art gallery with a penthouse condo. All of the buildings had a spectacular view of Charleston harbor. However, the four buildings took up the entire lot. To make matters worse, the first elevated floor of each structure was cast-in-place concrete. This meant that while the steel erector was erecting the steel for the first building, the concrete work was taking place on the second, and so on. This severely limited both crane placement and laydown area.

Parker Rigging was selected as the steel erector for this project. We were able to set up our 50 ton P&H conventional truck crane in the alleys between each building to erect the steel. The outriggers of the crane on the side towards where the steel was being erected had to extend underneath the elevated concrete deck in order to have enough clearance for the tail swing of the crane to miss the concrete forming for the next building.

The design of the buildings was structural steel column and composite beam construction with metal decking. Parker Rigging also installed the steel pan stairs and miscellaneous and ornamental steel.

We at Parker Rigging pride ourselves in the experience we have in erecting structural steel in the congested conditions of downtown Charleston. We have completed many projects where the building takes up the entire lot and crane access and laydown area is at a premium. This experience allows us to undertake the most seemingly challenging projects and complete them for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

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