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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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CSS Hunley Rigging & Frame Fabrication

Friends of the Hunley

The Friends of the Hunley, the engineering firm responsible for recovery of the Hunley, Oceaneering, and Davis & Floyd Inc., the engineers responsible for preparing the conservation lab were in need of a rigging company to install the conservation tank and observation platform for the CSS Hunley. The tank, which weighed over 30 tons, had very little clearance between itself and the building support columns when in its final location.

Parker Rigging was the successful bidder on installing the tank and the observation platform. After successfully rigging the large tank into place, Parker Rigging was approached by Oceaneering and asked to assist in the Hunley Recovery Project. We were asked to develop a rigging plan to roll the submarine and its support truss into the Warren Lasch Conservation Center. We were also asked to develop a two-fold rigging plan to move the submarine and truss into the conservation tank.

Prior to the sub being lifted from the ocean floor, no one was certain of the weight of the Hunley and its support truss. The Warren Lasch Conservation Center was equipped with a pair of 20 ton overhead cranes designed to lift the sub and truss into the tank. Rigging plan #1 was based on using these cranes to lift the truss & sub up and into the tank. Rigging plan #2 was based on the sub & truss weighing more than 40 tons and consisted of removing one end of the conservation tank, rolling the sub into position, then replacing the end of the tank.

When the CSS Hunley was finally raised from the ocean floor it was determined that the submarine weighed considerably less than 40 tons and Parker Rigging's crew of riggers and supervisors used the overhead cranes to carefully place the submarine in the conservation tank.

Parker Rigging continues a valued working relationship with the conservators and archeologists of Clemson University responsible for the research and conservation of the CSS Hunley, periodically assisting them with rigging of components of the 146 year old priceless submarine.
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